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CARA'S Boston Performance

•  For Boston Marathon qualifiers who want to maximize preparation

•  For runners who want to qualify for the Boston Marathon

“Boston Performance” Offers Preparation for the Development of the Following Essential Elements for Endurance Running Excellence

  1. The Will for Excellence – A passionate commitment to achieve at the highest individual level
  2. Aerobic Development – The capacity to acquire and to utilize the highest levels of Oxygen
  3. Core Strength Development – Maximal stability at the anchoring points for the arms and legs
  4. Leg and Arm Strength – Maximal force output with each arm swing and foot strike
  5. Running Economy Development – Optimally efficient running mechanics and energy use
  6. Personal and Running Confidence – The belief that excellence is possible

The “Boston Performance” personalized 16-week program (January 3 - April 21), includes: 

  • An initial consultation with Coach Leach (discuss goals, program set up, etc.)
  • A detailed training organizer and performance log (paper or electronic)
  • Personal phone and e-mail contact with Coach Leach for the duration of the program
  • Saturday morning workouts featuring runs and optional core strength training via Peak Performance Training
  • A mid-season consultation
  • A post-marathon consultation
  • A post-program party
  • A Fee of $ 195 for CARA members or $ 215 for non-members

For Further Information and sign-up –

  • Coach Bill Leach – 773-793-3917

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